Queens road, Buxton. En-suite Bathroom

This en-suite was was well past its use by date. The shower had been leaking for a long time and all the wooden base frame had rot away! It was a disaster waiting to happen.

It all had to go so we ripped the lot out and stripped the walls back. 2 of the walls had new stud-work to conceal the pipes and create a long shelf in the huge shower. The other 2 were re-boarded ready for a nice fresh coat of plaster.

All the floor boards were replaced with 22mm moisture resistant board and then overlaid with ply for tiling.

The room was fully skimmed out and new spotlights put in.

The shower area and floor was tiled. We used epoxy instead of normal cement grout as its will never discolour or go mouldy. The old patterned double glazed units have been swapped for modern satin glass and quartz window sills have been fitted. It was finished off with a oak door to match the rest in the house.

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