Multi room gymnasium conversion into open plan hot yoga environment

Gareth and Stuart run a great Yoga Life business. Their USP is hot yoga, the studio gets up to 35c!

They took over an old commercial unit at Total Fitness in Wilmslow, Alderley Edge. It had been empty for years and was in a right state. The hot water cylinder had been leaking causing the floor to rot, the walls were covered in spray tan and the ceilings were really low.

Gareth and Stuart wanted a large open space with an airy feel to it. It was imperative that it was well insulated, water proofed and that the lights could easily change colour depending on the mood of the type of class they were running. The floor needed to be hygienic and they also needed a reception with a waiting area.

When we got there the unit was divided into 5 small rooms and needed to be converted into 1 large space.

We set about stripping everything out – the water systems, electrics, floors, ceilings.
Once we had an empty shell we started to get creative with the building development. We put a new floor down, interactive colour changing lights – which can be altered using an ipad (or phone). A huge wall of mirrors and bits of bespoke storage here and there for yoga mats etc.

We clad some of the walls in rustic timber and gave them a whitewash – so the grain and texture show through.
By the time we had finished the place was unrecognisable. The Yogi’s who came to practice were all well impressed and the business is thriving in this affluent area.


Alderly Edge, Greater Manchester